Thursday, 6 November 2014

Op die kantlyn

Vordering met die hartjies-kwilt is maar stadig op die oomblik. Hoofsaaklik omdat ek te min materiaal vir die rugkant bestel het en vir 'n paar dae oor my probleem nagedink het. Gelukkig het 'n vriendin tot my redding gekom en van haar fleece materiaal aan my gegee. Dus is die kwilt tans besig om geryg te word - my gunstelling tydverdryf (ugh)!

Progress on the hearts quilt is slow at the moment. Mainly due to the fact that I did not ordered enough fabric for the back and I spent a few days pondering my problem. Luckily a friend came to my rescue with some fleece fabric from her stash. Currently the quilt is being basted - my favorite pastime (ugh)!

Terwyl ek my probleem bepeins het, het ek aan Broer 2 se kwilt gewerk. Die bo-kant is feitlik klaar. Aangesien ek alreeds die snywerk baie lank gelede gedoen het, was nog net die stikwerk oor. Dit het ek in 'n japtrap gedoen. Ek moet nog net die twee rante aangeheg, maar dit moet nou eers weer bietjie wag tot die hartjies-kwilt klaar is.

While I was pondering my problem, I worked on Brother 2's quilt. The top in nearly finished. Since I did the cutting a long while ago, I only had to do the stitching, which was done quick-quick. The two borders still need to be added, but that will have to wait until the hearts quilt is done.

Tot later!

Until later!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hoe kies 'n mens?

Ek sit met 'n raaisel - watter masjien om te kies? Ek het onlangs die gier gekry om 'n nuwe naaldwerkmasjien te koop. Lank het ek gespaar vir die Bernina Aurora 440 QE, maar toe ek nou genoeg geld tot my beskikking het, word ek ingelig die masjien word nie meer vervaardig nie en is vervang met die Bernina Aurora 550 QE. Ek het ook besluit om te kyk na die Elna eXcellence 760 en die Elna 7100 Professional.

I am sitting with a conundrum - which machine to choose? Recently I got the itch to buy a new sewing machine. I saved for a long while to buy the Bernina Aurora 440 QE, but when I had the money available, I was informed that the machine is no longer produced and is replaced by the Bernina Aurora 550 QE. I decided to have a look at the Elna eXcellence 760 and the Elna 7100 Professional as well.

Nou is my probleem dat ek nie kan besluit watter masjien vir my meer nuttig gaan wees nie, of watter een ek meer gaan geniet nie. As ek suiwer van die punt gaan dat my masjien gediens moet word, kies ek die Bernina want hier is 'n diens sentrum daarvoor. Maar my hart is meer op die Elna masjiene - hulle lyk net vir my meer verwelkomend.

Now my problem is that I can't decide which machine will be more useful or which one I will enjoy more. If solely looking from the point that the machine needs to be serviced, I will choose the Bernina since there is a service center here. But my heart is set on the Elna machines - they look more homely to me.

Aangesien hierdie 'n langtermyn aankope is en dit gaan my eerste nuwe naaldwerkmasjien wees wat ek gaan koop, waarna moet ek kyk, waaraan moet ek alles dink, watter vrae moet ek vra? Julle raad sal regtig waardeer word op hierdie een.

Since this is a long term purchase and it will be my first purchase of a new sewing machine, what should I look at, what should I keep in mind and which questions should I ask? Your insights will be most welcome on this one.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Bokant is klaar

Wel, 38 uur nadat ek begin werk het aan die kwilt, is die bokant uiteindelik klaar. Ek is heel tevrede met my werk.

Well, 38 hours after I started working on the quilt, the top is finally done. I am very satisfied with my work. 

Aangesien Boetie baie besig is en baie tyd van my vra, het ek besluit om net een uur per dag, elke dag, te spandeer aan die kwilt (behalwe naweke). Soms was ek gelukkig en kon ek bietjie meer doen, maar ek het by die skedule gehou en die resultate is bevredigend.

Nou moet ek die rugkant stik. Volgende week gaan ek die vordering vir die kliënt wys - ek hoop sy sal teverede wees.

Since DS is very busy and demanding a lot of my time, I decided to spend only one hour per day, every day, on the quilt (except weekends). Sometimes I was lucky and could do a little bit more, but I kept to the schedule and the results are satisfying.

Now I need to work on the back. Next week I will show the progress to the client. Hope she will like it.

'n Rukkie gelede het ons 'n "besoeker" gehad. 'n Naaldekoker het in ons motorhuis ingevlieg en net op die grond bly lê. Manlief het hom opgetel en na ons stoep geneem. Die naaldekoker was so gemaklik dat hy selfs op Manlief se arm bly sit het terwyl hy rondgeloop het en op die rekenaar gewerk het. Toe Manlief weer uitloop tot op die stoep, besluit die naaldekoker dis genoeg en vlieg weer weg. Ek wonder of hy net 'n bietjie wou rus?

'n Short while ago we had a "visitor". A dragonfly flew into our garage and didn't get up from the floor. Hubby picked him up and took him to our balcony. The dragonfly was so much at ease, that he sat on Hubby's arm while he walked around and worked on the computer. When Hubby went back to the balcony, the dragonfly decided that was enough and took off. I wounder if he just took a short pit stop?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

1ste Randstrook is aan

Ek kan uiteindelik my vordering wys. Die eerste randstrook is aan die kwilt. Daar moet nog 'n tweede randstrook kom, maar dit moet nog gestik word. Daarna moet nog hartjies aan die eerste randstrook geappliek word. So, nog baie werk om te doen...

I can finally show you my progress. The first border is on the quilt. A second border needs to be added, but that needs to be pieced first. After that I need to applique some hearts on the first border. So, still a lot of work to be done...

Monday, 29 September 2014

Around the World Blog Tour

(Please note: for the purpose of this specific post, I will be writing in English only)

Welcome one and all to my blog - Huisvlyt!

Here I chatter away on quilt-/embroidery-/applique-related topics, sometimes about Mauritius (where I currently live) and sometimes about things that are none of the two.

Let's get things started, shall we?

First of all, a big thank you to Michelle, from The Jypsy Quilter, who invited me to participate in the Blog Tour. For those who haven't yet visited her blog, please go and take a look. You will be mesmerized with beautiful quilts, some interesting comments on life (and everything that relates to that) and a lot of Quilting Inspector pics.

What am I working on?

Currently, I am working on a custom order. It is a simple quilt design - it only consists of repetitive strip piecing and applique.

Currently the first set of applique are done and awaiting their pieced partners.

How does my work differ from other of its genre?

Apart from the fact that I am making them and not someone else? OK, cheekiness aside.

I LOVE working with bright colours, strong contrast and solid/blender fabrics rather than printed fabrics.

Here are some examples:

Although I am still searching for the ideal applique method, for the moment I am sticking to Needle Turn Applique. I found that, with this method, I have absolute control on how the fabric will behave. I also enjoy the final result more than that of machine applique or using blanket stitches: the applique is clear, clean and puffy (if you understand what I mean).

Why do I write/create what I do?

I write my blog, mostly to keep me motivated at keeping to my quilting and to share with so many other quilters my work. Although my family enjoy and appreciate what I am doing, sometimes I have experiences that only other quilters will understand, and that is where the quilting community is a great source for inspiration, answers, more questions and ooooh's and aaaah's.

I quilt because my creative side can get some attention. If you would take a second to read my Blog heading (some might have to translate it), you will understand why I create quilts. It makes me feel happy.

How does my creating process work?

Most of the time I will see a pattern and try to "figure it out" - this means I don't always read the instructions on the construction of the pattern. This is true for my current project, as I have only a picture to work from. No measurements, templates,...nothing!

As soon as that is done, I will most likely make a few changes to the pattern and then go crazy shopping for fabric. I don't really have a big stash to be proud of, so many times I need to buy fabric and then I buy what I need, plus a little extra for mistakes.

Meanwhile, I will dream about the quilt until the fabric arrives and then I change into a cutting-crazy woman. Assembling (this part I enjoy the most) piecing, basting, quilting and finally binding. By this point I am normally fed-up with the quilt and although I have put my heart into its creation, I am glad that it is done.

Who's next?

1. Ruth at Ruth's place. Ruth is a very creative lady with many talents. She is very good at scrap booking, knits the cutest things and shares her experiences as an Australian living in Papua New Guinea. 

2. Millie from Millie's Quilting. Millie loves making string quilts (and they are quite something to see) and is a long-arm quilter. Her quilting is jaw dropping beautiful. (Millie's pc broke in the meantime, so she won't be able to post, but have a look at her blog anyway). She also happens to be a South African, living in the US.

3. Uhm...Since so many of the blogs I follow have already participated, I don't really have a third blog to suggest. So here is what I am going to do. On the right side panel of my blog, down to the middle, is my reading list. Take a peek at the blogs and see if anyone of those strike your fancy. I am sure there will be one or two that you will find interesting.

So, that is it! Thanks for everyone who visited and spending the time reading my blog.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Net 'n paar foto's van vanaand se sonsondergang

Ek weet ek het al in die verlede soortgelyke foto's opgesit. Ek hou seker maar net van die sonsondergange :)

Just a few pics of the sunset tonight. I know I have posted some in the past, that looks just like these. I guess I like the sunsets :)

Hoop julle het 'n aangename aand.

Hope you have a pleasant evening.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Ek het iets gedoen!

Ek kan nou ongelukkig nie spog met 'n kwilt wat klaar is nie, alhoewel die gevoel dat ek iets voltooi het is beslis daar. Ek het die materiale, wat ek in Julie ontvang het, begin voorberei vir die kwilt wat ek moet maak. Gistraand het ek die eerste appliek-blok voltooi en die tweede blok is voorberei en reg vir my om op te tel en vas te werk.

I can't brag with a finished quilt. However, the feeling that I completed something is definitely there. I cut the fabrics, which I received in July, and started prepping them for the quilt that I am making. Last night I finished the first applique block and the second block is ready and waiting to be worked on.

Die geel hartjie is so bietjie skeef, maar gelukkig moet ek die blok nog kleiner sny, dus gaan dit nie so 'n groot probleem wees nie. Dit gee ook 'n uniekheid aan die blok, of hoe? ;)

The yellow heart is a bit skew, but since I need to cut the block smaller, it won't be such a problem. Besides, it does give the block some uniqueness, doesn't it? ;)

Hopelik kan ek vannaand nog 'n blok klaar hê. Tot later!

Hopefully I can finish another block tonight. Until later!